Note from Matt at Punch Up Digital: Before we get into 5 Reasons A Small Business Needs a Website in 2021, I want to welcome you to my first blog post on the Punch Up Digital website. I hope that you'll find my blog about small business to be helpful, informative, and dare I say it...enjoyable. I'm real serious about the work we do at Punch Up, and I'm real serious about having fun doing it. I love working with our clients and helping them grow their businesses. I'm not just a web designer and digital marketing guy. I am a consultant, cheerleader, consigliore, and friend. My goal is to provide some insights that are useful to the small business community...and yes, having some fun while I do that.

Stick around to the end of the list for an added sixth reason a small business needs a website.

OK, now on with the show....

5 Reasons A Small Business in 2021

Some small business owners question if they need a website. If you want to cut to the chase and get the final answer...The answer for 2021, and likely the next decade, is still a resounding YES!!!!

If you want more detail, please read this post.

5 Reasons a Small Business Needs a Website in 2021
Five from the Umbrella Academy. Get it...Five!

1. Eyes Up Here, Buddy!

If you're in public, look around, how many people are looking at their phones? We know the answer...EVERYONE!

By having a website you have more of an opportunity to grab the attention of potential customers, keep current customers informed, and more.

The internet (and marketing in general) is mainly about gaining and keeping attention. A website is your moment where you have their undivided attention. Even on social media you do not fully have a potential customer's attention. There are other interactions, posts, and more waiting to pull the attention away from you.


2. It's Hard to Win When the Goal Posts Keep Moving

OK, let's talk about social media. I am a total Facebook and Instagram junkie! I'm not alone in that. I love the social media platforms and they provide great value for businesses. Several years ago, Facebook Pages (in which your business should have) had huge organic reach. Organic reach are the posts we see in our feed that aren't paid for (on Facebook, if it says Sponsored it's paid for. That's a great option as well. If you want to know more about Sponsored ads, check out our Social Media Ad Strategy and Management page and let's chat).

Back to my reach for Facebook Pages is pretty much dead. Facebook being the referee in this game, can move the goal posts at any moment. Same goes for Instagram (owned by Facebook), TikTok, Twitter, etc. You do not want your business growth to be beholden to such fickle beings.

In the end, social media is a great way to get people to visit your website and engage, but it simply cannot be the only way...because that way will change.

With a website, you set the rules, you create the message (with the help of a great web designer cough cough), and grow your business.


3. Here's My Card

Talking with a client, I once referred to a website as a digital business card. Before the smartphone, business cards signaled professionalism and was also the indication the business was legit. A website shows professionalism and legitimacy. Admittedly, when I google search for a business and look at their Google Business Listing (you have one of those, right? If not contact me and I'll help), if they don't have a website, I'm turned off. It signals to people, as a potential customer, that the business isn't serious or doing well. That may be totally untrue, but like it or not...perception is everything.


4. Ya Think You Know a Person

Having a website allows you to learn about your customers and potential customers. You have the ability to collect names and demographic information for newsletters, when they complete a sale, etc.

This can be invaluable for upselling/cross-selling purposes and/or to learn more about the needs and wants of your customers. Ultimately, this lets you refine your offerings and better meet customer need. Meaning: Be a huge success! Also, there are analytics tools on the backend that can much more in depth about how people use the website. We are big on analytics, let's chat about that.


5. Your House, Your Rules

Related to number 2, but not quite the same thing...on social media and other platforms such as Google Business and Bing Places, you are forced to work within the framework they provide. A website of your own allows for your brand to be front and center! The colors, the message, the images, with no on-page distractions. Your bright purple logo will look much better there than against the primary colors of Google. There are also the possibilities for interactions with customers that simply do not exist on other platforms. A small business is also able to add in the features they need to grow their business. For example, my friends over at The Yoga Space in Kerrville, TX recently had a new site developed that included an online booking and payment system. This is streamlining the process and making it easier for their patrons to reserve spots and pay for classes.


Hey, You Promised a Sixth Reason

OK, not quite a reason but an idea. Your online presence should be comprised of many platforms. The goal being to catch the attention of potential customers and grow your business. This can't be haphazard though and can't be sloppy. Choose wisely but always at the center should be a website that provides consistent messaging and branding about your business. From there, you add in social media platforms (Facebook always, Instagram almost always, TikTok depending on your target audience age, the list goes on). Having a Google My Business is key given they are the juggernaut of the search world. There may be industry specific sites and services as well. So, an online presence should consist of:

  1. Website
  2. Social Media Platforms
  3. Google My Business Listing
  4. Industry Specific Sites/Services/Blog Posts (optional and a definite maybe)

If you want to discuss your online presence and more, please get in touch with us on our Contact Page. We love to chat business, give advice, and if it's the right fit...partner with you on creating a knockout experience!

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