Our entire business model is built around the success of our clients. With all of the expenses a small business or startup has to begin, spending a few thousand dollars on a website is a barrier to entry.

We remove that barrier while providing a website and digital services that rival the larger digital agencies.

We Punch Up!

We Put Our Money Where Our Mouth Is

Small business ownership should be an aspiration that more people achieve. Simply put, the largest roadblock is cost. Most small business owners are bootstrapping as they go.

Instead of charging thousands of dollars up front, our pricing model is based on helping people achieve their dream of owning a business.

We put our money where our mouth by offering a completely different pricing model than our competitors.

Status Quo? Hell No.

Boring websites suck! We don't want to build them. People don't want to look at them. Our designs are focused on what will help your business succeed and stand out in a world saturated with advertising.

We challenge the status quo and we ask why, a lot!

Have Fun

Building a business is an exciting time. It's also challenging and frustrating. It's good to have a laugh while doing it. We like to have fun as we work together to develop the way your story gets told online.

We take the work seriously, we have fun doing it!


Matt Siegel, Owner of Punch Up Digital

Matt Siegel
Web Designer and Developer/Technology Geek/Social Media Guru/Digital Ad Sherpa

Persona: Very Gen X.


Punch Up Digital is based on the phrase "punching up" or "punching above your weight class."

You may be the underdog, you may be facing competitors much larger than you. All small businesses are in that position in today's world. Sometimes you have to take a swing and punch up. It's that entrepreneurial spirit we love. That thing inside of you that makes you want to strike out on your own and forge your own success.

We do this for those tired of spending their entire career making someone else wealthy.

We stand with you and will do everything in our power to tell your story to the world.

Punch Up Digital is a web design and digital marketing agency based in Panama City, Florida and Killeen, Texas. We support small businesses and entrepreneurs throughout the USA.